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700 million people use internet to get information about medical symptom, Is this safe? "NO"

Do you know there are millions of articles published in internet by people who claim to be "The Expert". They have not worked have the knowledge or experience to offer such advice. I was shocked to hear some "Motivational Speakers" who earn millions $ sharing this information. They use social media to promote their products and book? I was shocked to hear, you can hire people to write articles on any subject for $5, including medical symptoms and disease. When I read blogs and hear people say, doctors are also searching for information using internet, I feel sad. Please watch this video and THINK!!

In 1990s, I created a simple tool to help educate medical students and junior doctors differentiate "Minor from Serious Illness", because I wanted to sleep and not woken up by nurses or junior doctors to answer silly stupid questions. This helped doctors to acquire the skill that I acquired from my teachers.

Do you know the knowledge and information we shared about infections, bacteria and disease have changed in the last ten years?

Now Antibiotics hailed as "Safe Miracle Cure" can inflict more harm to your body and the environment than smoking because antibiotic resistant bacteria colonised in our body can actually kill you. By 2050, I expect more people will have died with infection than cancer, heart attack and HIV put togather.

“We are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent" of the species to survive but bacteria lived on earth for more than 4.5 billion years are. They have quickly adapted to change and so will survive. When I said bacteria are our ancestors who created us and so we must protect them, friends and colleagues did not believe me. Unfortunately, I was right, but the situation is now very bad and there is nothing human or I can do to reverse this process.


Superbugs that we humans created are now threatening our very existence and our profession. Since I challenged institutions for allowing nurses, to work as doctors in primary care, we have eighteen bacteria, numerous viruses, fungus, TB, malaria and even insects that cannot be killed. These bugs we cannot see are not only in hospitals, clinics, surgery but also live on our body, mobile phones, London Underground, gym and even kitchen are colonised........... Like to know more?


Please note this is not a website that sells goods or products to make me a millionaire. I am sharing knowledge and experience to help you save money, time and reduce cross infections that can kill more than 300 millions people by 2050. The reason I am doing this is to help prevent Pandemics that will wipe out a generation in the near future. I published an essay "Superbug Pandemics and How To Prevent Them" and Podcast in American Interest explaining this as "The 21st Century Crisis".

We invented MAYA (Medical Advice You Access) and produced "Fridge Magnets" initially to help junior doctors, nurses and chemist differentiate"Minor from Serious Illness". People with vested interest did not encourage but stifled this innovation. Now I have integrated this tool and created "Dr Maya and Maya Dr"to help us initially identify infected individuals and isolate them to protect your family and you and not with any intention of saving any institution.

My vision is to "Bring Tears Of Happiness" by reducing social in-equalities in health and wealth and so these Apps must be made available FREE of cost to create local group of doctors and patients to "Prevent Pandemics". De Maya will help educate patients, reduce wasted consultation, cross infections, cost and systemise healthcare. We must bring back the "Lost Human Face Of Medicine", restore "TRUST" to win this war with bacteria that we cannot see.

I have also published two books "Maya Bring Tears Of Happiness & Maya Fighting Infections Saving Lives to help fight" to raise money to FUND my apps. I have not created "Charity" to accumulate wealth but am sharing knowledge and experience I acquired from my teachers and patients to fight A War That We May Never Win"


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These Cards will help you differentiate "Well from Unwell" and reduce travel, time, antibiotic abuse, cross infections and cost of consultation


You Have Been Warned, Warned & Warned

"Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem. New forms of antibiotic resistance can cross international boundaries and spread between continents with ease. Many forms of resistance spread with remarkable speed. World health leaders have described antibiotic-resistant microorganisms as 'nightmare bacteria' that 'pose a catastrophic threat' to people in every country in the world" - Dr. Tom Frieden. Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the USA, 2013.

"We are losing the battle against infectious diseases. Bacteria are fighting back and are becoming resistant to modern medicine. In short the drugs don't work!" - Professor Sally Davies. The Drugs Don't Work—A Global Threat, Penguin, 2013.

"With a pandemic flu, the disease would be much more contagious than Ebola. The people who are contagious may not have visible symptoms. It could break out in a highly populous country that sends thousands of travellers a day to the US. It could be a country with megacities with tens of millions of people. And it could be a country where sending in the 101st Airborne isn’t possible." Ron Klain, WHO.

 World Health Organisations' Ebola performance was a disaster because of slow response. The director general’s committee that declare a public health emergency was not convened until August, eight months after the first cases and five months after public warnings from Médecins Sans Frontières, whose doctors were on the front line and majority of healthcare workers died.​​​​

Cancer therapy, organ transplants, surgeries minor and major, and even childbirth all rely on antibiotics to prevent infections. If infections become untreatable we stand to lose most of the medical advances we have made over the past fifty years. Kadiyali M Srivatsa; American Interest. January 2017

"Maya Brings Tears Of Happiness" because she will help you to initially to identify infected individual and isolate them to protect healthcare workers, patients and you..........

"When a patient is seeking medical attention, they are also reporting the story of an illness as they have lived, and remember it, and so it can vary. The duty of a doctors is to listen and offer a solution and not a prescription".  Dr Kadiyali M Srivatsa; QHC (BMJ)1996 Jun; 5(2): 121-122.



Dr Maya is an app for patients to download and communicate with their chosen doctor. In UK, NHS patients demanding emergency and out of hours appointment early will be expected to pay to consult a doctor. This is un-ethical because this will create a two tire system. This App will help you decide when and whom you can consult and help you save money, time and antibiotic abuse. 

We identified delay, wrong diagnosis and treatment and antibiotic abuse by clinically untrained professional result in complications with devastating consequence and death. Differentiating common from serious illness is based on skill, knowledge and experience. Emerging and Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infections is threatening our very existence. To protect you family & you, we created Dr Maya...

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Maya Dr and Maya Web Portal For Doctors was created to help doctors create their own Dr Maya Apps and create a local network of doctors and their patients. Once the doctor has created Dr Maya, his or her name will appear in Dr. Maya’s list of local doctors. Patients living in the same area can then choose their own local doctor.

Using Maya Dr App will help doctors share information, communicate and identify clusters of infection based on presenting symptoms. Preventing “Infected Patients” visit doctors, clinics, hospital is very important to prevent local spread that result in epidemics and pandemics in the very near future.

We created Maya Dr and Maya Portal to protect doctors, nurses and healthcare workers..

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  •  Reduce needless consultations
  •  Reduce staffing costs
  •  Reduce the number of booking clerks and receptionists
  •  Reduction of Primary care doctors and CMOs
  •  Protects and enhances patient confidentiality
  •  Patients easily diverted to another centre or doctor if crisis occurs
  •  Reduce contamination and the spreading of infections in health centres
  •  Reduce antibiotic misuse and cost
  •  Reduction in epidemics by identifying and isolating infected patients
  •  Reduction of death of staff and people during epidemics and pandemics
  •  Identify and quarantine private hospitals because Dr MAYA picks up clusters
  •  Reduced need for Ambulance service as MAYA will only request Ambulance for serious conditions and not for false alarms
  •  Reduction of 60%-80% of patients accessing A&E
  •  Make doctors work efficiently and systemise healthcare advice 


  • Reduces costs of consultation, prescriptions, tests and investigations

  • Reduced antibiotic abuse and unwanted drug treatment

  • Reduction in travel time and people coming to towns from villages

  • Reduced cost of establishing new clinics or surgery

  • Reduction in X-Ray report using expensive software or computers

  • Encourages patients early if the combination of symptoms is potentially serious.

  • Reduce medical errors and complications due to delay

  • Helps doctors to investigate and make accurate diagnoses

  • Allows patients to easily connect with another doctors and get a second opinion

  • Patients from UK, USA and Europe can communicate with doctors in India and vice versa.

  • Ease communication with doctors from all over the world

  • Reduce cost of prescriptions, insurance premium by reducing claims

  • Early detection of infections that may be contagious

  • Old people will find video consultation help reduce travel and waiting