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We are planning to setup a "Private Consultation Room" in London. Registered users will receive special discounts and access to speak or consult doctors (nominal fee may apply)


MEDICAL ADVICE & TRIAGE SERVICE" : 24/7/365 days "Triage service" for 6-12 Months : (£20/month). If the user has not used Dr Maya telephone triage service but followed advice shared in the APP, we will extend our service for second year FREE.

RAFFLE : Lucky Registered Winners (5 -10) will FREE TELEPHONE TRIAGE for 6 Months (Cost £120). 

FREE COLOUR CODED CARD: People who buy our book and register as users of Dr Maya will receive "Colour coded Card" via email

MONEY BACK GARENTEE: Offering healthcare advice and treatment is based on "TRUST". If you are not satisfied and request cancellation any time, we will REFUND deposits you have not used (£20/month) of money paid.

CLAIM FREE BOOK: People who publish our articles, circulate our video, share links and spread our message using their social media can contact us and we will post copy of our book with personal thank you message from the authors.



NHS hospitals in England will have a legal duty to charge overseas patients upfront for non-urgent care if they are not eligible for free treatment. From April this year, foreign patients could be refused operations unless they cover their costs in advance.

Migrants will be asked to bring a passport or other identification documentation to appointments NHS will claim to treat people in an emergency, no matter where they are from, we will recover the cost of medical treatment from people not resident in the UK. They ensure that new NHS numbers are not issued to patients until their eligibility has been verified.

This book was written to share information about common symptoms and provide information to reduce anxiety and wasted consultation, cost, delay in consultation due to fear of cost, infection or due to false assurance offered by non medically trained people often result in devastating consequence.




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