Dr Maya App

The "Duty of a Doctor" is said to be "Noble" because

  • Doctor's fundamental role is to alleviate the distress to fellow human beings, and no motive, whether personal, collective or political, shall prevail against this higher purpose.

  • A doctor must have complete clinical independence in deciding upon the care of a person for whom he or she is medically responsible.

  • The World Medical Association will support, and should encourage the international community, the National Medical Associations and fellow physicians to support, the physician and his or her family in the face of threats or reprisals resulting from a refusal to condone the use of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

We believe honesty and integrity are the pillors on which we stand upon to protect humanity. It is our duty to help reduce distress by providing easy access, reduce delay in diagnosis, treatment, cost, spreading infections, medical error, distress and death by offering a solution and not a prescription.

We published two books Maya Bring Tears Of Happiness & Maya Fighting Infections Saving Lives, to share our knowledge, experience and created the Dr Maya & Maya Dr Apps by Integrating my Innovation (MAYA) to Initially Identify and Isolate Infected Individuals to protect humanity and friendly bacteria.

How Dr Maya Works

Dr Maya was created with passion to educate and help reduce wasted consultation. When you download and register as a user of Dr Maya the app, you will be expected to enter three symptoms, just like a nurses or doctors do. Dr. Maya app will then advise you to consult a doctor, only when necessary, if not you will be advised to consult a nurse or a pharmacist.

This will help you reduce wasted consultation, save money, time, help prevent cross infections and antibiotic abuse.  If the symptom combination are serious, you will be advised to go to hospital as an emergency. 

Dr Maya will also systemise healthcare: the doctor who uses Maya Dr will have to specify a treatment. The Maya app is a tool to standardise care and reduce medical errors such as antibiotic mis-use and cross-infections.

Easy Sign Up

Patients download and easily register with Dr. Maya and then add the name of their preferred doctor, either a local doctor or a doctor in their home country, including that doctor's email and telephone number. If a Dr. Maya patient logs in and their symptoms suggest a serious contagious infection that patient can be quickly isolated and their doctor informed. Please note, we do not hold or record consultations, history of illness or diagnosis in our database. We maintain contact details, name, sex, telephone number, your date of birth, name of the doctor you are registered with along with your address. 

Focus On Priority

Maya Doc does not initially ask for the patient's symptoms, but provides a page where doctors can enter symptoms, choose a prioritising colour (for example, red for critical, yellow for mild, green for harmless) and enter additional information. Please do not search names of disease or illness but only choose the symptoms that you experience. Our mission is to help you reduce consultation and visit to healthcare centre. Please call and speak to your doctor if necessary or if you are anxious.

Institutions, companies and some doctors assume Artificial intelligence can replace doctors and are publishing apps that follow algorythm. is nothing but a software that follow algorithm.

I wrote such programmes called "Paediatric Assessment Tool (PAT) to train junior doctors in 1990s. This can be used to organise work in hospitals not not used to offer medical advice to patients. I think this is callous attitude and must be stopped. Diagnosing illness is not straight forward and cannot be performed using technology.

In this video I am comparing how an App claiming to AI and Dr Maya differ. Maya will use only three symptoms like doctors and derive at a hypothetical diagnosis and refer you to appropriate specialist and not try to rule out hundreds of illness before taking similar action. We know people make mistakes if we ask too many questions or offer too many choices. We think offering Apps without thinking about the complications, it is "Un-Ethical" as they can inflict pain and suffering to humanity.

Several mass extinctions of species occured throughout history of the universe and extinction of modern humans "Homo sapiens". We were the most influential species on Earth; it is currently deemed to be the endangered species. If we manage to avoid destroying ourselves in a nuclear war, scientists, relegious institutions and even physisicst are predicting several ways our species could face its doom.

Our planet has already seen some of its most successful species wiped out following spectacular disasters like the asteroid crash that killed the dinosaurs. The worst of these mass extinctions is called "The Great Dying" and resulted in the destruction of 96 percent of life on Earth. Could the same happen to us? "CERTAINLY YES"

Watch this video, share information and be prepared to survive the greatest threats to our species. We are running out of time and ides to help save our children and our life. By harrasing, humiliating and destroying the life of scientists and visioneries to protect their "Institutions", people in power helped universe to create an army of bugs we cannot see (bacteria, virus, fungus, TB) and insects we can see (mosqutos, house fly, bedbugs and flees) to kill millions by 2050.

Please do not watch this video if you beleive humans are the "Strongest, most intellegent and are adapted to live on earth for ever"


One Step Short Of Consultation

Before booking an appointment a patient will log on and enter three symptoms. This is not similar to speaking to a receptionist or a nurse to book an appointment but similar to consulting a doctor. Doctors will use the combination of three or four symptoms before they decide to clinically examine or refer you to hospital. Not every doctors listen to all that you say because you often exaggerate or underplay some symptoms. They will choose some symptoms that are relevant and based on their experience and knowledge. 

Once they diagnose based on history and clinical examination, they may offer treatment or refer you to consult a specialist. Dr Maya is like a junior doctor and so you don't need to answer a list of questions that are often not necessary to help differentiate "Minor from Serious illness". Maya will not offer the final diagnosis because it is not necessary to help differentiate the urgency of treatment required. 


In 2013, we were bombarded by a flashing image that we could not understand and so started looking for answers. Majority of innovations, advances in knowledge and science occurred following a vision. We believe it is important not to through harmful chemicals or drugs that kill the friendly micro-organisms that have lived on earth for more than three billions of years. We must learn to "Live & Let Live" and help them fight their battle and kill superbugs.

"Maya Brings Tears Of Happiness" and "Maya Fighting Infections Saving Lives" because she will teach you to initially to identify infected individual and isolate them. This is what "7i Med" is all about...Help you to help save your life